2015 Favourites

Hello, I’m Rachael and this is my first ever blog post so welcome to my blog! I thought it would be a good idea to do a 2015 favourites as its a different way for you to get to know me a little. I’m basically going to tell you what makeup products, clothing items, books, and music I loved throughout 2015 and that I will hopefully love just as much in 2016.

So lets get started with makeup, the first thing I have is a MAC lipstick called taupe. I’ve been wearing this almost everyday since I got it. It’s a brown colour with slight orange undertones. Although this is a beautiful colour I feel as if I need to wear it with eyeliner as the colour washes out my eyes when I wear it. It is also such a pretty colour to wear in the autumn  if you’re not feeling like you want to wear rimmel Kate Moss 107.


Next makeup product I’ve been loving is a pretty recent descovery as I only got it in December and that is the Tanya Burr ‘Candy Glam’ pallet. It has 9 beautiful eyeshadow shades, a lip gloss, a blush and a bronzer. I’ve also got another Tanya Burr pallet in my favourites and that is the ‘Perfect Brows’ pallet and it really does give you perfect brows. It includes 3 brow powders in light brown, dark brown and blonde, it also has a powder highlight for underneath the browbone, mini tweezers and a mini brush which makes it perfect for travelling . IMG_0261


I have been loving two mascaras throughout the whole of 2015. At the end of 2014 I decided to get a highend makeup product as I had never really had one before so I got the Benefit ‘They’re Real’ mascara and I loved it instantly and have done to this day but when my first bottle of it dried up I decided to try a different mascara so I bought the Maybeliene ‘lash-sensational’ and it just looked perfect so I used that everyday until I came round to get a new ‘They’re Real’.

eyelash curlers:Ted Baker

Now I’m moving on to talk about clothing items I’ve loved. So the first thing is jumpers. I used to absoultly hate jumpers but in 2015 I’ve grown to love them. I have loads and loads of jumpers it’s actually getting quite ridiculous. My favourite place to get jumpers from is New Look as they have such a wide selection to fit my style and many others.

(starting from back) Primark, New Look, New Look
I feel like this has only recently come into my favourites and that is skirts. Normally I’m the type of person just to stick to my black skinny jeans but towards the end of 2015 I decided to venture out of my comfort zone and buy a skirt and wear it out as I only ever wear them to school and I’ve got to say I love it and will definetly be buying more!

(black) Primark (burgandy) New Look
I have recently got a new pair of timberlands and I AM IN LOVE! They’re beautiful! I feel as if I can pair them with most things I own other than skirts and dresses. They’re also so comfy! I used to have a pair of pink ones when I was little and I called them tweenie boots as they look like the shoes that ‘people’ from the Tweenies wore.IMG_0218.JPG

Thats it for clothing, I’m now going to move onto books. I’m not really much of a reader, you’ll probably catch me reading a book once on a blue moon. But as you may know loads of youtubers have released  books in 2014/2015 and I’m going to mention a few of my favourites from them and a few other authors.

The first book I have is Marcus Butlers book ‘Hello Life’. Now Marcus is my number one favourite and I’m not just saying this, it is an incredible book. It is really inspiring to eat heathy and work out, they’re the two of the big main parts in the book. He also gives an intake into a bit of his personal life with relationships, bullying and some other things that you’ll need to read the book to find out.IMG_0208.JPG

Another youtuber book I love is Zoe Suggs (Zoella) ‘Girl Online on Tour’. This book is incredible and so gripping . I found it so hard to put this book down once I picked it up and I found it the same with the first ‘Girl Online’. I would recomend Zoes books to everyone as they are generally two of the best books I’ve ever read.IMG_0256.JPG

During 2015 a big thing was activity/colouring books for adults. As you may know Alfie Deyes (pointlessblog) had released his ‘Pointlessbook’ in 2014 and in 2015 he released his ‘pointlessbook 2’ and I am obsessed with them. There is an authour called Keri Smith who has realeased similar books to Alfie and I have two of her activity books called ‘The Imaginery World of …’ and the well known ‘Wreck This Journal’. I have 2 adult colouring books, a Harry Potter one and a cities one and I like to use them when I think I have been on my phone for too long and need to have some downtime.IMG_0252IMG_0251.JPG


I feel like music makes you a happier person. I try my hardest to listen to as much as possible and discover new artists but I thought I would share my favourite artists and albums. Also I dont have many photos to show for this section. But first off I have to talk about Troye Sivan. I am so proud of him as I’ve watched him grow as an artist by seeing all his covers on youtube, seeing him upload all his original songs to seeing him realease EPs to realeasing an album!!! His music is incredible, and their is not one song I don’t like.

I also have to write about my favourites, 5 Seconds of Summer. In October they realeased their second album, ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’ which I must say it is incrediable. I also find it amazing that they write almost all their songs. They also realeased ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ EP which has some of my favourite songs in it.IMG_0214.JPG

Halsey. Halsey is great. I love Halsey. Who doesn’t love Halsey. I’ve got to say that 2015 has been Halseys year for music! Her album ‘Badlands’ is my most favourite thing ever. Her voice is just so amazing and I don’t think I’ve heard anything like her! I can’t wait to hear the music she brings to us in 2016. But also her just as a person, she is the nicest person ever and I just love her so much!IMG_0213.JPG

I feel like I could write forever about music but I have one last artist I want to mention and that is ‘Twenty One Pilots’. Their music I basically a mix of everything, you would have to listen to it to decide for yourself. They’re just a new discovery for me, maybe in like October I started properly listening to them but I had heard their music before but it was something I didn’t really think much of.


Now that is it for my first ever blog post! I know it was a bit long but I’ll try make the next one short and sweet. If you have any tips to make my blog better please tell me in the comments so I can inprove my blog. Thank you so much for reading and make sure to be back for a new post soon

-Rachael x



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