Meeting YouTubers Experience

Hello, I ran a poll on twitter to ask who would like to read about my meet & greet/book signing experiences and lots of people said they would love it. So here I am writing it. Also I am very happy to answer any questions you may have about my experiences that you may be wondering, there is a comment section at the end of every post. Enjoy X

First off on November 25th 2014 I met Zoella, Zoe Sugg at her Glasgow book signing in the St Enoch center. As I had never been to one of these events before we didn’t really know what to expect, it was insane the amount of people there. We hadn’t packed any water or anything stupidly which if you are going to one of these events, please do bring plenty water. We waited two hours in the queue but luckily me and my friend spotted Dom, Zoes manager. Of course I took a selfie with him but I don’t actually want to include any selfie in this post though so sorry about that. Also whilst we were waiting ladies were going round with chocolate and pizza that I think Zoe or someone sent round for us which was awful nice of her. When it actually got round to meeting her, she was the most loveliest person ever. I was super nervous to meet her so I didn’t talk much although our conversation went along the lines of,
‘Hiya how are you’ ‘Hello I’m very good thanks, what about you’ ‘I’m great’ ‘oh I have a gift for you’ *hands gift to Zoe* ‘aw thank you so much lovely, you didn’t have to’ *awkward mumbles come from my mouth from happiness* ‘byee it was very nice to meet you’ ‘you too’ *cries*
Well I mean it was over a year ago that happened so it’s pretty hard to remember but yeah that’s what it went along the lines of.
Also I promise my hair is not yellow in these photos, it’s the lighting. .




Next off in April last year I met Alfie Deyes, Pointlessblog. I met him on April the 8th, again at his Glasgow signing in the same place as Zoes, the St Enoch center. His signing was a shorter wait but as we experience Zoes signing we decided to bring plenty water and eat something before hand. After about an hour of waiting he was up at the management bit of the shopping center vlogging us, I’m just a little dot in his vlog though. When it actually came to meeting him, I managed to pull myself together and have a conversation. It was the typical hi how are you but I had said to him ‘oh sorry about my hair by the way’ as that’s what Alfie said in his vlogs and it’s a joke. He started laughing and it made me so so happy and he then said ‘I actually have messy hair today, I decided to push it back but it looked a mess so I put a hat on’ and then he laughed again, me being my awkward self I just smiled and laughed. I then had to go and I actually didn’t cry aha.


image P
Next off I met my absolute favourite on the 29th of July in the Braehead shopping center, I MET MARCUS BUTLER! His wait just flew buy as the staff came and spoke to people and everyone was so nice, Marcus also came out before the meet up and waved at us all from the management bit of the shopping center. In the line I also met a friend who I actually still talk to, shout out to Jodie. The layout to this meet up was so cool as it was like a huge line, a zig zag type thing, up the elevator to the management suite, get your book, into a small room to meet Marcus. It was pretty cool. The security man at the elevator wax telling us people came from places like Ireland and Blackpool which is actually insane. I remember tweeting Braehead in the line telling them to play ‘I’m a rapper’ on the big screen but they did favourite my tweets but that didn’t play it sadly. It would’ve been so funny if they did though but I suppose the shoppers may have thought it was a bit inappropriate. When it came to actually meeting him I was in shock so when I started walking to go see him I took like two steps then I got shocked and freezer for like two seconds then I just ran into his arms, wow I’m making this sound like a fan fiction oh no. His hug was amazing by the way, wow. I got a little scared and I didn’t say much to him so we just took selfies then left but I’m so so annoyed at myself for not telling him my twitter or anything. Again I’m not showing my selfies as I don’t want to and I look ugly in them.


Lastly I met Joe Sugg, Thatcherjoe on October 24th 2015 in the St Enoch center again. Joe again started vlogging from the management bit but we were at the start of the line in that so you can’t see us at all sadly. But he snap chatted something and he was right above us and none of us seen and I remember us and the three girls behind were freaking out and trying to think how he did that without anyone seeing him but it actually turns out he was in a room. When the actual meet and greet started I was so nervous but I put myself together before meeting him. When I got to the very very front of the line Joe was having a water break and the two ladies that were helping to run it knew how nervous I was so they were trying to calm me down and one of the ladies asked what my favourite videos of his were and we started chatting about that until it was time to meet him. I walked in and gave him a big hug and he asked my name and how I was and I actually filmed it by accident so go me for accidental filming when I’m not supposed to. I then gave him my phone and we took some nice selfies, I then asked for some silly ones and I had a plan in my head of what I wanted to do but before I knew it Joe was snapping away silly selfies of us, I then actually told him my plan and it was to like cup each others chins, it sounds so weird but I promise it was fine. He poked me on the face when he did it and said in his cute accent ‘oops sorry I poked your face’ and yeah it was cute. After he poked my in the face he nearly dropped my phone but it was fine. Before I left of course I asked for an other hug because why not. I was in so much shock after I couldn’t put my jacket on so the lady who was helping me calm down before hand helped me put my jacket back on, she was lovely I liked her.

If you’re reading this and planning on going to a meet and greet remember to..
Bring water
Be free all day
Bring a small fan
Don’t wear too many layers of clothing
Eat something before hand or bring snacks
Make sure your phone or camera is 100% charged

That’s all for today’s post, thank you very much for the support and well over 100 views on this blog. Also I tweeted Tanya the link to the blog post about her cosmetics and her cosmetics page tweeted me saying they loved it so there is a chance that Tanya Burr read my blog post, crazy.
See you soon, bye x


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