About me

Hellooo, so as you may have realised already I’ve had my blog for about my month and I have still yet to do an about me post. So as a little midweek post I’ve decided to write a little about myself. Enjoy X

My name is actually Rachael and no one really calls me rach apart from my family sometimes but okayrachael would just sound weird.

I always try to be different from everyone else and whenever someone does the same as me I get extremely agitated and try chance what I’ve done to make it different to theirs and better.

My Instagram is one of the main things I care about, I try to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible and I get so annoyed when somethings out of place but I’ll never change it because I’ll get too carried away and I’ll end up with like two posts. Also my instagram is always linked at the side of my post I think but you can just search namelessrach.

I’m a big lover of older music like I probably listen to the same music as your mum. I do have a very mixed taste though but the number one thing I hate is house music, I can’t stand it at all.

Currently when I’m writing this its 15 days till I see one of my favourite bands, All Time Low. I’m standing for that concert so I’m going to get crushed as I’m like 5″2.

I secretly am a really loving and caring person, I just don’t show it often but I guess now it’s not really much of a secret. But if you came to me crying I probably would just cry too and take care of you.

I can’t sit through a whole film without getting bored, I’m pretty sure I annoy all my friends whenever we watch films cause I just talk when I’m bored.

I have such an expensive and unique taste in clothing so that’s not good when trying to find something  cheap to fit my style.

The 1975 are my loves, I absolutely just adore them so so much.

Now as you can see my facts are getting worse and worse so I’m going to stop there. I hope you enjoyed my post and don’t forget to check back for another soon and also my instagram, as mentioned before its namelessrach.
Byeee love you very much, Rachael x


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