How to: Instagram

Hellooo, I have a huge love for instagram, it’s my happy place online. It could be your happy place too (if it isn’t already) after reading this post and following some of these easy steps. Enjoy x 

• Have a pretty feed.

You don’t have to have filters and stuff but post nice photos that make you happy and you enjoy; most likely others will enjoy and like them too. 

• Use filters 

As I said you don’t have to have filters but they do make a feed prettier. They are pretty stressful sometimes to get them perfect but that might be just me as I’m quite a perfectionist when it comes to my instagram. I use an app called VSCO cam, it is very good to get the perfect theme. To make things easier there are accounts on Instagram that post filters to make it easier to find the perfect feed, my favourite is @vsco.princess as they give a free and the paid filters that look the same so you can have the perfect feed for free!!

• Follow loads of people

As for myself I don’t like following too many people as I like to see everything everyone is posting. But it most likely will make your Instagram experience even better by following loads of happy accounts who have pretty feeds and also following all your friends and favourite celebrities too. 

•Don’t delete photos 

As embarrassing it may be to keep some of the photos but trust me it will make you happy to look back on in a years time. I have 400 posts on my Instagram and never have I deleted one post since maybe late 2014. To this day I always look back on my photos and they make me happy because of they memories the photos hold.

• Post regularly 

Posting as regularly as you can could get you more followers, I seen this tip on someone’s ‘How I Edit My Instagram Photos’ video. But also posting regularly is posting more memories to look back on.

• Post what YOU want

Some things I post on instagram some people may find ‘weird’, I call it aesthetic. It makes me happy that I post that I want and no one bothers me about it so most likely no one will bother you too, it’s only an Instagram account after all.

• Take nice photos

No ones wants to follow an account full of blurry trees. Make sure your photos are still and clear, you’ll be much more happier with the outcome.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. If you would like a how I edit my instagram photos, like this post and don’t forgot to follow my Instagram @namelessrach it’s also linked somewhere on my page.


Rachael x


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