top 5 lipsticks

Helloooo, are you looking for a new lippy to try? Well you’ve come to the right place. I have 5 drugstore and mid-range lipsticks to rave about and hopefully prompt you to try. Enjoy x 
First off I have the Kate Moss Rimmel 107. This is my go to red coloured lipstick, as it is just so gorgeous. I am very sure you’ve heard every beauty blogger rave about this but I wouldn’t complain as its insane!! It is a beautiful dark red colour but it can appear different on all skin types and stuff but that’s obvious with a lip stick. Also if you’re going out with this on make sure to bring the lipstick with you as it comes off very easily with food and drink.


Next I have my every day colour and that is the MAC taupe. This is a dark brown shade with slight red/orange tones in it. This lipstick also has a matte finish which makes it very long lasting. 

One of my old favourites is another rimmel one called Asia. Now this lipstick is amazing but it does come off very easily and some how every time I wear it it ALWAYS gets on my teeth. This lipstick is a shiny nude shade which has a kind of pink tone through it. 

 Another of my dark red favourites is a Ted Baker one, now I can’t find the name of this one but I’m sure you may be able to find it somewhere or something very similar. This is way darker than the Kate Moss one as its more purple looking. It has a glossy finish and is quite long lasting but you will probably need to top it up if you’re out for long.

 Lastly I have another Ted Baker one , this one doesn’t have a name either so I’m sorry about that but I’m sure you could find it somewhere and if you’re wondering where I got mine, I got it from a set from boots at Christmas. This is a brighter red colour but in the packaging it looks darker so don’t be fooled. I don’t wear this that often because I always just seem to reach for my darker ones but when I do use this it looks amazing!! This is also very long lasting too, I don’t suppose you would need to top this up very often. 

Thank you for reading, I really hoped I helped you find a new favourite lipstick and if you have a favourite lipstick be sure to comment below yours and I may check it out as I’m always on the hunt to find a new favourite. Ily very much and I’ll see you soon with a new blog post.


Rachael x 


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