All Time Low

Hello everyone, I should probably get a decent intro. So on the 15th of February I went to see All Time Low at the hydro in Glasgow. I was standing for this concert so I got a pretty amazing close view of the band. Now you may be reading this thinking who on earth All Time Low are, they are an alternative rock band with four members, Alex, Jack, Rian and Zack. So, back to the actual experience type thing..the support acts for ATL were Against the Current and Good Charlotte who were both amazing. I’m pretty sure Against the Current are a new band..well I had never heard of them but they actually were amazing so I suggest you give them a listen. Good Charlotte were absolutely insane, they are making a comeback I’m sure which I am so happy about as I would love to go see them again. If you didn’t know they sing that very famous song called ‘girls&boys’ that goes like ‘girls don’t like boys girls like cars and moneyyyy’ (I showed people I know this song and they had never heard of it so maybe it’s not so well known) The only thing about Good Charlotte is that they PUT ME IN A MOSH PIT LIKE MATE DONT DO THAT IM LIKE 5FT I WILL NOT SURVIVE! Now for All Time Low, they were just incredible. I’m not going to go on about every song but I would if I could but I don’t want to make this post super long. When they first came on stage I was like WHAT THIS IS GREAT. During ‘Kids in the Dark’ when people were jumping a big guy pushed to the front and he pushed me away from all my friends and I panicked and it wasn’t good. I actually have a video and all you can see is my friends face, black stuff, the guys shirt then the ground then I turned it off cause I got scared. A cool thing that happened was ALEX GASKARTH LOOKED ME IN THE EYE!!11!1! Now this is important. He told us to go on people’s shoulders to he could see our faces and my friend Beth told me to go on her shoulders and she’s tall so that made me extra tall and as Alex scanned the faced in the crowed I swear that he’s not a robot we made eye contact like what, no, what. Someone was also sick and then everyone cleared a circle around it then Jack shouted ‘OH A MOSH PIT IS GOING TO GET STARTED OVER THERE!’ ahahaha no thanks, you can come jump in the sick if you want. Then he was complaining that his mic smelled and people were like ‘COME SMELL OVER HERE THEN YOU WONT BE COMPLAINING ABOUT YOUR STUPID MIC!’ It was so funny. Now I was IN A SELFIE WITH JACK BARAKAT, aha like um that’s chill. Well my eyebrow and eye was in it but that’s not what matters here. 

  Now that’s all for my cool and funny stories from All Time Low. If you would like a concert must have post then please let me know and I’ll do that for you. I’ll see you soon with another post but for now enjoy some of these photos I took from the night, byeee ily,

Rachael x


this is one of my favourite photos despite the hand in the way
beautiful moment
nice bras jack
this was against the current but its blurry
the stage for against the current


good charlotte


this looks like alex is looking at us



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