February Favourites

Hello, so today I am going to be sharing with you my February favourites. Hope you enjoy X


First off I’m staring with my makeup and skin care favourites as there is a lot to get through I’m just going to get started.

Skin Care

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

This product has really helped clear up my skin so much, if anything this is my all time favourite skin care product I have ever tried. It is just truly amazing.

Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash Mask

Another thing that has really cleared up my skin is Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash Mask. When my skin is super bad I stick this on as a mask in the night and I wake up with almost clear skin. If you have super bad breakouts I suggest you would try the product out and see if it works the same for you.

Make Up

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

I used to have a love/hate relationship with this mascara as I found it as very clumpy at first but I put it down for a while but for some reason in February I had decided to whip it out again and I must say it is so incredible.

Revolution Ultra Cream Contour Palette 

 This is incredible for a drugstore contour palette, I had been using this a few times in February and I’ve loved it so much. The only thing I hate about it is that it’s super super creamy and it brings out all my face oils so I would suggest if you have oily skin you would wear a good powder and a setting spray but other than that it’s amazing.

Rimmel 077 Asia

This is one of my all time favourite lipsticks, it was previously mentioned in my top 5 favourite lipsticks not too long ago. I have been wearing this so much in February and had so many compliments when I wore it.

I heart makeup blushing hearts peachy pink kisses 

This blush is a dupe for the Too Faced sweet heart blush. I use this one as a highlight though as it is super shimmery. I really want to go and get more of these blushes as they’re so cheap, retailing at £5.


Next I have book favourites as I sometimes like to read before bed when I’m not too tired so I can’t really sleep but I don’t want to be on my phone. I have read two amazing books during February so I thought I’d mention them to you.

Alexa Chung It

I had previously read this book ages ago but I had decided to pick it up again and I forgot how amazing it is. I genuinely love Alexa Chung so much and her personality really comes through in the book and it’s great cause me and her have a similar style so it’s great for outfit inspiration.

Dan and Phil The Amazing Book is not on Fire

I had finished reading this book in February and it’s amazing. It really is so different to all the other books I’ve read and I like the way that they had made every page different, it really does show Dan & Phils personalities and you can just see how much work and effort went into this book.


I am a huge music lover and my music taste is all over the place so I mean if I were to tell you all my favourite artists there would most likely be at least one you’ll love.

The 1975

I love the 1975 with all my heart and Matty is my love so.. but anyway they had released their album I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it. I have been listening to it on repeat all day everyday since it came out and before it came out I had been listening to the songs they had previously released. My favourite songs off the album are She’s American, Nana and She Lays Down. I love all the songs though.

All Time Low

I just love all time low. If you had read my previous blog post you would have seen I went to go see them in concert in February and they were just truly amazing! 

Arctic Monkeys
I have finally rediscover my love for Arctic Monkeys. I had stopped listening to them for a while but I am so glad I started listening again as I just love them so so much!!
That’s all for my February favourites, I hope you enjoyed and it’s not too long. I didn’t want to keep going on as I would be here for hours and hours and my mind has gone blank. Anyway I’ll see you soon with a new blog post, byeee ily.

Rachael X 


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