Sleek Palette Review 

Hello so I recently got a new Sleek eye shadow palette in ‘A New Day’ and it’s too beautiful not to blog about so that’s why I am here today writing about it. 

This palette was around £7 as is any other Sleek eye shadow palette. It also had a massive mirror which is so perfect and makes the palette even better. This palette is a neutral toned palette with a mix of shimmers and mattes. I would say the shimmers are way more pigmented that the matte shades but I’m sure with a good primer or whatever they would be better. Now let me show you the swatches of my favourites. 

(from left to right)

  • h-a-p-p-y 
  • don’t worry
  • shine on 
  • brightside

I find the names of all these eyeshadow really nice and inspiring. It’s such a feel good palette.

That’s all for today’s blog post. Also just to let you know my new upload day is going to be Thursday 6pm and maybe some other random days during the week when I feel up for it but make sure to follow so you don’t miss out. Also don’t forget you can follow by email if you don’t have a WordPress account. I am also planning on uploading everyday in April but dont count on it cause it might not happen. Byeee ily,

Rachael x 


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