Sounds Live Feels Live, Glasgow

Hey everybody (see what I did there) so I went to see 5 Seconds Of Summer in Glasgow on the 19th and 20th of April on their UK leg of the Sounds Live Feels Live 2016 tour. Both were such amazing nights so I thought I would share my experience with you.

On the 19th me and my friend Rachael went together and we were sitting in level 2 block 227 but considering the hydro is actually really small they were pretty amazing seats, infact anywhere in the hydro is amazing. Yeah so when we got there we got merch; I got a top and the two bracelets the first night.

Before the concert my friend Jessica came over to get ready after school then Rachael and Beth came for dinner. I really liked my makeup the first night even though I went a bit ott with glitter but can you really have too much glitter?
Also if you want a tutorial on this makeup, I’ll do that.

Anyways when jessarae came on he was AMAZING but we couldn’t really enjoy it as everyone in our block was just sitting there not enjoying it and I felt as if everyone would judge me if I were to stand up and dance. 

After Jessarae finished I went to meet my friend Jodie who I met at Marcus Butlers book tour again. But we stupidly didn’t take a photo together. She was really nice. Hi Jodie if you’re reading 🙂 

Next Don Broco came on which they were amazing too. We actually missed the start of them cause we went to the toilet but that’s okay. They told us at one point to get down as low as we could..I lay down on the floor, as you do. Literally no one around us did it other than me, typical rachael.


Okay so now for the exciting bit, 5sos!! When they first came on singing Carry On I may have cried a little. I was crying for two reasons, 1. Their voices are so beautiful and 2. I have waited years to see them and to finally see them was amazing. 

Durning Calum’s speech thingy I almost started crying cause he said something cute. I also remember him saying that him playing in Glasgow is a home concert away from home as his dad is Scottish, making Calum part Scottish. 

Now for night 2. On night 2 I went with Beth and I went to hers to get ready. We literally looked like twins though.

I did my makeup quite toned down that night, I just did a gold eye; which by the way is my new go to eye look if you want to see a tutorial.

Okay so this night we were in block 8 but before hand I went to buy a programme and no it wasn’t just for the picture of them with space hats on…

Okay so durning jessarae me and beth were literally the only ones standing up durning the whole thing and since we were in the middle he could clearly see us clapping and dancing away like idiots and he kept looking down the center. 

also can we just appreciate how much he just looks like an angel .


During the break we found our friends Kerry and Alyssa who made me write this bit in.

Yeah so fast forward to 5sos. When they came on I nearly cried again, oops I love them.

I’m just gonna tell random stories in random orders btw. So first, this is my favourite story. Durning Permanent Vacation Michael does a 1,2,1,2,3,4 thing and me and Beth were basically the only people down the middle doing it with or fingers and I got confused and kept counting to like 7 and Luke was on the end of the catwalk when I was doing this so since he is so high up and he so tall he can obviously see all the hands and at the point of me getting confused he pointed down the middle and laughed so I’m 95% sure he could’ve been laughing at me. 


Durning amnesia Calum told everyone to hold up their signs of they brought one, Beth brought one. It said ‘Get out me swamp’… just look.

But some of our friends seen it who were in front of us so that means 5sos might have seen it. Another thing durning Amnesia Ashton was writing something , turns out he wrote a sign saying ‘Calum Sux’ but he meant to write ‘Calum is sexy’ …

Ashton also sang a ballad which I’m expecting to see on iTunes soon.

Okay I think I’ve told enough stories. I really hope you enjoyed reading about my experience at 5sos and it wasn’t too long. Also all the photos have my current Instagram @ on them so no one can steal them. Anyways I’ll see you soon with a new blog post but for now enjoy these photos I took at 5sos. byeeeee ily,

Rachael x 



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