Morning Routine

Hello everyone so today I am going to be writing my morning routine for school. This will probably be so boring as NO ONE likes getting ready for school in the morning, it’s so depressing. Also I’d like to mention first this is a colab with 3 other bloggers, Heran, Libby and Tia who’s blog posts will be linked at the end, they have also done morning and night routines.
First of all my mum usually wakes me up at half past 7ish, this is mainly because my phone charges in my parents room because I’ll probably just stay up all night with it.
Sometimes if I wake up earlier I’ll have a shower but most days I just have it the night before so I don’t have to rush. But when I do have showers and have time to wash my hair I use the L’oréal elvive extraordinary clay shampoo and conditioner. I really recommend this for people with very oily hair and dry ends as it’s very beneficial to maintain healthy hair. Afterwards I wash my body with my Zoella body wash, this is my all time favourite as it smells so good.

Now I wash my face, I use the Liz Earle cleanse and polish to clean my face and to get rid of any left over makeup from the day before I may have missed and all that gross stuff. And I then moisturise with E45 cream as this seems to be the only moisturiser that likes to work on my skin. I like to keep skin care minimal in the mornings because I don’t like putting too much product on my skin as it will just break out because of my terrible acne and sensitive skin.
Now I put my school uniform on, nothing special. Just my skirt, shirt, tie and all that boring stuff.

Then I go downstairs and have some breakfast, sometimes I have a yoghurt or cereal, sometimes if my mum has time she’ll make pancakes if I’m lucky.
Next I just go back up stairs and brush my teeth, again nothing special.
Next I go and do my makeup, I already have my everyday makeup routine posted. Click here to go read more in depth. If I’m rushing I just do my eyebrows & that’s it. Using my Tanya Burr Brow Kit.
For my hair I just straighten it then put it half up/half down or I just leave it straight. Sometimes if it’s just annoying me I’ll throw it up.
That’s all for my morning routine, if you would like a night time one be sure to tell me and don’t forget to check out the other girls blog posts by clicking on their names below, byeee 

Rachael x 





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