Savisto Premium Makeup Brush Review

Recently I realised I was in urgent need of good cheap makeup brushes as all my current ones I’ve had for a while and I just thought I needed an update. So I headed straight to Amazon and found these brushes. 
They are from the brand Savisto, personally I had never heard of them before but the Amazon reviews claimed they are very good. 
They originally retail for £24.99 but I got them for £11.99 + 99p delevery saving £13.
You get 32 brushes in this set I have. There are 23 eye brushes, 8 face brushes and an eyebrow brush.
Now I’m going to say what the Amazon reviews say and wether or not I agree.
One of them say that the brushes don’t shed. Well I have found a couple of brushes with the odd hair fall out but it’s not major and my brushes aren’t bald. It’s only the face brushes that have this minor problem.
They are easy to clean. I 100% agree with this, I use baby shampoo as I seen on some YouTube videos that that’s good for makeup brushes. The brushes I previously used were Real Techniques and they washed better than them.
They are good quality. Yes I 100% agree these are very good quality I would recommend these to anyone starting out with makeup and is on the hunt for good cheap brushes. 
They are thick and easy to use. I 100% agree with this also, they are very amazing brushes.
The majority of Amazon reviews are 5/4 stars which I do really agree with. I would rate them a 4 star as they are amazing for the price but some of the eyeshadow brushes look like they have no purpose cause they just look silly and some of the brushes look like same. 
If you want to check these brushes out then click here. And I’ll see you later with another blog post, byeee Rachael x 


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