3 tips that will improve your makeup routine

Today I shall be sharing with you 3 tips that you should use during your makeup routine. Now I am no makeup expert but these are a few tips and tricks that I have found to work for me that I have heard from other beauty bloggers and a few I figured out from myself and friends. Enjoy x

Tip number 1-
Listen to music whilst applying makeup.
This may sound so bizarre but trust me, putting on your favourite spotify playlist in the morning whilst putting your makeup on will instantly motivate you to do something brilliant with your makeup. And I don’t know about you but sometimes doing my makeup in silence bores me and I just give up with being creative but when I am listening to my favourite music artists I get into a better swing of things. An alternative to listening to music is watching youtube videos, makeup tutorials are obviously the way to go for this as it gives extra motivation to do something different with your look.

Tip 2-
The night before watch tutorials, I know when I watch a ‘few’ tutorials before I go to sleep I feel more inspired to do something brilliant with my makeup, something a little different to what I normally do.

Tip number 3-
Leave plenty time for your makeup in the mornings but do it last. Eat your breakfast, brush your teeth, do EVERYTHING before you do your makeup so you dont have to rush to get everything else done too. I know makeup is an exciting process but follow the famous saying, save the best for last. Although everything else will be getting done first make sure you have plenty time for your makeup.

That is all my tips I have to share today, if you would like a part 2 be sure to tell me. Also if you found any of these tips useful, are going to try any these tips or even if you already do these things be sure to like this post and share it round to your friends. I shall see you soon with an other post. Byeeee, Rachael x

P.s also I am so sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, I will be in the swing of things very shortly


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