80 songs you MUST listen to

There is a hell of a lot of music out there nowadays, so much so that quite a lot of it is underrated. I found myself watching Jessie Paege’ video called ‘100 songs you need to listen to’ the other day and I thought I have a pretty decent and ‘original’ music taste so why not interperate her video with my ideas and share some of my loves and write my top 80 songs i think you must listen to, enjoy.

1- Hallelujah, Panic! At The Disco
2- Waking Up, Pvris
3- Seaside, The Kooks
4- For Baltimore, All Time Low
5- Mountains, Biffy Clyro
6- Backseat Serenade, All Time Low
7- Trouble, Halsey
8- Fool For you, Zayn
9- Nerve, Don Broco
10- Johnny Boy, Twenty One Pilots
11- Fairly Local, Twenty One Pilots
12- Cinderblock Garden, All Time Low
13- Just Another Face, Modern Baseball
14- Menswear, The 1975
15- Woman, The 1975
16- Me, The 1975
17- Antichrist, The 1975
18- Barbarella, Fishtank
19- Glow, High Tyde
20- Boys That Sing, Viola Beach
21- Used to be my Girl, The Last Shadow Puppets
22- Never Miss a Beat, Kaiser Chiefs
23- The Dream Synopsis, The Last Shadow Puppets
24- Trouble, Cage The Elephant
25- Halo, Cage The Elephant
26- Summer Shandy, The Front Bottoms
27- Coming Home, Kaiser Chiefs
28- 1996, The Wombats
29- She’s So High, Blur
30- Birds, Coldplay
31- Amsterdam, Imagine Dragons
32- She Is Love, Oasis
33- You’re So Right, The Strokes
34- You & Me, The Hunna
35- We Could Be, The Hunna
36- The Weekend, Modern Baseball
37- Cough It Out, The Front Bottoms
38- Rip. 2 My Youth, The Neighbourhood
39- Cry Baby, The Neighbourhood
40- Daddy Issues, The Neighbourhood
41- Glasgow, Catfish and the Bottlemen
42- Khaleesi, Lisbon
43- Godzilla, With Confidence
44- Oxygen, Catfish and the Bottlemen
45- 7, Catfish and the Bottlemen
46- Heathrow, Catfish and the Bottlemen
47- Twice, Catfish and the Bottlemen
48- Swings and Waterslides
49- Whore, Fidlar
50- Drag Queen, The Strokes
51- The Dying of The Light, Noel Gallagher
52- Cornerstone, Arctic Monkeys
53- 505, Arctic Monkeys
54- Riot Van, Arctic Monkeys
55- Mardy Bum, Arctic Monkeys
56- Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts, Arctic Monkeys
57- Dancing Shoes, Arctic Monkeys
58- In My Room, Gorgeous War
59- Hurricane, Halsey
60- Vapour, 5 Seconds of Summer
61- Pity Party, Melanie Martinez
62- Alphabet Boy, Melanie Martinez
63- Training Wheels, Melanie Martinez
64- Female Robbery, The Neighbourhood
65- Lets Dance to Joy Division, The Wombats
66- Drive, Oh Wonder
67- New York, Ed Sheeran
68- Tenerife Sea, Ed Sheeran
69- Post Break-Up Sex, The Vaccines
70- For Baltimore, All Time Low
71-  Garden, Halsey
72- Roman Holiday, Halsey
73- Ghost, Halsey
74- Drive, Halsey
75- Sirens, Tom Odell
76- A Little Too Much, Shawn Mendes
77- The Weight, Shawn Medes
78- Baby Came Home, The Neighbourhood
79- Taxi Cab, Twenty One Pilots
80- Lulliabies, All Time low

I hope you enjoy my music choices and find some new artists to listen to. If you already listen to the artists or heard some of their previous work I hope you enjoy the songs I recommended. If you have listened to any of these songs be sure to comment your favourite and recommend some new artists/songs in the comments too. See you soon with a new post, Rachael x


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