Nyx soft matte lip cream review

As most of you will know Boots have began to stock Nyx products recently. The other day when I went into town I nipped into boots to see what the had from Nyx. I had my heart set on getting one of their soft matte lip creams and that is what I did. 

I had an idea of what kind of colour I wanted, a brownish nude. Sadly I didn’t see any colours like that in stock, it was mainly light nudes, pinks and really dark colours. I was pretty dissapointed at the colour selection  but nevertheless I found a colour I liked. 

I got the shade ‘Cannes’. I know this doesn’t make a difference to the actual product but I thought I would include that I really liked the names of the soft matte lip creams as they were all named after cities.

‘Cannes’ is a very beautiful mouve pink colour. I feel like this is a safe colour for me as I do not suit a pink lip at all but as this is more muted I can get away with it. 

This product is very easy to apply. When it is dried on the lips it feels soft and not drying so your lips don’t look horribly chapped when you wear this. It lasts a decently long time but you do need to reapply if you will be out for a while.

Overall this is a very good product and I reccomend it to anyone.

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