Record Collection August 2016 part 1

I love collecting vinyl. I have been collecting from December 2015 when I got a blue crosley for my Christmas.Now I know these aren’t the best record players but hey ho.

All my records I have either been bought as a gift or bought myself. I haven’t yet managed to claim vinyls from my relatives sadly. I will be doing two parts to this blog post as there is too much to show. I won’t be showing these records in any particular order.

First of all I have All Time Low Future Hearts. This is one of the prettiest vinyls I own as I really like the colour. Although the colour of the vinyl doesn’t really matter it is just a plus to this already amazing album. The songs are some of my favourites from All Time Low, such as Cinderblock Garden and Bail me Out. 

Another of my prettier vinyls is Halsey Badlands. Yet again, colour doesn’t really matter, it is about the actual music. Halsey is an incredible artist, hands down. She could turn a nursery rhyme into a poetic love story. She in genral is a fantasicaly talented person. Badlands is a master piece of an album, it is almost impossible for me to pick a favourite song but if I had to pick just one favourite I love Coming Down.

Another incredible lyrically talented artist is The 1975. I currently have both their albums on vinyl, self titled and I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it. And I also own on vinyl their Facedown ep and A change of heart single. As you can tell I do enjoy The 1975 very much, they are indeed my favourite band. My favourite of the albums is self titled although don’t get me wrong they are both masterpieces I do prefer the first; my favourite songs from self titled are menswear, she way out and m.o.n.e.y. And my favourites from iliwysfyasbysuoi are somebody else, loving someone and i like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it. 

Next I have one of my recent favourites, Lana Del Rey Born To Die. I got this album ages ago but I didn’t really listen to it much but recently I have got more into her music. Lana is a truely wonderful artist. My favourite songs from this album are diet mountain dew, national anthem, off to the races and million dollar man.

Adele 25 is such an incredible album, no word of a doubt. Anything Adele does is amazing if I’m being honest. 25 is my favourite Adele album to be honest and my favourite songs from it are million years ago, i miss you and sweetest devotion.

Fleetwood Mac is a band that was always around me growing up. More recently I have adapted them to my own music taste and bought their Greatest Hits album on vinyl. My favourite songs are Gypsy and Don’t Stop.

5 seconds of summer used to be my absolute favourite band before I ventured into indie music. But I do have Sounds Good Feels Good and I must admit it is an incredible album and I do still listen to them a lot. My favourite songs from it are Castaway, Vapour and Catch Fire. 

The Arctic Monkeys are most definetly my favourite band along side The 1975. I will hopefully get the rest of the Arctic Monkeys vinyls to complete my AM collection. But for now I have Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not and Suck it and See. My favourites from Whatever People say I am, That’s What I’m Not are Mardy Bum, Riot Van and A Certain Romance. And my favourites from Suck it and See are Reckless Serenade, Love is a Lazerquest and Piledriver Waltz.

I stupidly bought Justin Bieber Purpose when EVERYONE loved Justin. Not going to lie, he’s alright but I don’t listen to him. I do like The Feeling ft Halsey because I love Halsey. I also like Purpose and I’ll Show you.

That is all the records I have to show today, be sure you are following for a part two coming soon. Have a nice day and I will see you soon, bye

Rachael x


– @okayrachblog

– @okayrachblog


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