The Hunna 100 Album Review

The Hunna just released their debute album, 100 on the 26th August. If you have never heard of them they are an 4 piece indie rock band from Hertfordshire, England. Ryan Potter-singer/guitarist, Dan Dorney-lead guirarist, Jermaine Angin-bassist and Jack Metcalfe-drummer.

100 is one of my favourite albums ever. It is so beautifully and perfectly put together.

On the tracklist is


We Could Be

She’s Casual

You & Me


Piece By Piece

Never Enough



World Is Ours

Sycamore Tree

Still Got Blood

Bad For You

Be Young

Rock My Way

I can not pick just one favourite from that list but a few are Brother, World Is Ours and Still Got Blood. 

When I met them Ryan actually said he had a dream about Dan dying and that is what the song is about. 

I suggest if you havent listened to The Hunna yet you should, they are most definetly one of my favourite bands.

There will also be a post up soon about my experience meeting them.

See you soon!







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