Morphe 35P Swatches + Review

So recently it was my birthday and for my birthday I got two Morphe palettes, one being 35P. 

This palette has an array of different nude and purple colours so it is perfect for any type of makeup look for any event. 

I’d reccomend this palette to someone with green eyes as the purples will really make the green pop. But nevertheless it does look fantastic on any other eye colour.

The staying power on thse eyeshadows are incredible, perfect if you want your eyeshadow to stay intact for a long period of time.
The pigmentation is also brilliant, I do not think I have personally used a better palette than the Morphe ones. The colours show up incredibly well.

Blending is made easy with these shadows, not a single bother at all when blending these. They give off a beautiful look.

The shadows are also super soft so they do not feel harsh at all on the eyelid.


Swatches are vertical from left to right of the palette.

Over all I have no bad words to say about this palette, very highly pigmented, easy to work with, strong lasting power. And at a cheap price. Very beautiful, I’d reccomend this to anyone. Morphe also have a large varierety of  palettes to choose from so there is something for everyone.

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