David Bowie Makeup Tutorial – Halloween

David Bowie is one of my all time favourite musical artists as he is very inspiring, amazingly talented and just all round super cool. For those reasons I have decided to base my first Halloween tutorial around his Aladdin Sane album art work.

Quick disclaimer to say I am not super talented in the art of makeup and this is all just a bit of fun to hopefully help someone out or to inspire someone.


  • First off I just applied my base makeup as usual

-Foundation, Bourjous Healthy Mix

-Concealer, Collection Lasting Perfection

  • I then did my eyeshadow, using a darker pink all over the lid then a lighter pink blended up to the brow bone and applied mascara

-KIKO 146 single eyeshadow (all over lid)

-Cargo, Summer Love, Summer in the City palette

-Benefit, Roller Lash

  • Now to the exciting part, the zigzag. I first outlined the shape with a black eyeliner then filled it in with a red face paint. Then following the picture I drew a blue line down the outline of the left side. And to separate that I drew the black line down. Afterwards I tidied up the edges with a baby wipe and concealer.

-Snazaroo, Bright Red, Sky Blue & Black

-Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

-Collection 24hr felt eyeliner

  • Next I contoured as Bowie has AMAZING cheekbones to be honest. And I wanted to at least attempt that look so I just done the usual thing people do if they want cheek bones and hoped for the best…but it turned out to be ugly blobs tbh.

-L’Oreal infallible sculpt

  • Now to complete the look I applied lipstick. I used a light brown purple toned colour as that is the sort of colour Bowie is wearing.

-Rimmel, Asia

And now we are finished 🙂

Thank you for reading, hopefully this post has helped/inspired you. If you have any requests for tutorials be sure to let me know. See ya soon, Rachael x

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