The Joker makeup tutorial – Halloween

Hellooo, so all this week as it is Halloween next Monday I will be posting a new tutorial every day at 5pm for any last minute inspirations.

So today I have The Joker from Batman. A quick disclaimer to say I only took inspiration from The Jokers makeup and I am not nor do I think I am amazing at makeup, this is all just for fun.

  • First off I primed my skin to make sure the facepaint stays on for as long as possible.

-Nivea men post shave balm

  • Then I covered my whole face in white face paint

-Snazaroo white

  • Then I done black triangles round my eyes using black face paint. The joker has 2 smaller triangles up to his eyebrows but I decided to do that on one side and on the other I done a bigger triangle. Around my actual eye balls I used black eyeshadow to avoid the paint going in or irritating my eyes. Also to add texture I lightly applyed the black eyeshadow around the circumference of the triangles.

-snazaroo black face paint

-black shadow from Morphe 35P

  • I then messily applied dark red lipstick and then dragged it up the sides of my face to create the extended smile the joker has. I also added blood to it to make it look better.

-Rimmel Kate Moss 107


Thank you for reading, I hope this post helped/inspired you. Be sure to come back tomorrow for a new halloween tutorial tomorrow at 5pm, Rachael x

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