Wednesday Addams tutorial – Halloween

This has got to be the easiest of the tutorials I am going to be doing for my halloween ‘series’ and that is Wednesday Addams. Wednesday is known for her pale, gothic attire so I thought I’d recreate that look today. 

Bear in mind you can compliment this look with two low plaits and a black outfit with a collar on as that is the classic Wednesday Addams atire.

  • First off as Wednesday is very pale I just used white foundation mixing drops all over my face instead of proper foundation. 

-the body shop lightening shade adjusting drops

  • Next I used a grey toned brown eyeshadow to contour a more slim, ‘dead looking’ face as using a proper bronzer I would look orange.

-Morphe 35p, colour on the 3rd row, 3 down.

  • Next I just done my eyebrows as normal but Wednesdays look very fair & natural but I just decided to do them how I normally do them, otherwise I would just look ever so silly.

-Freedom brow pommade in soft brown.

  • Now I just applied mascara to my eye lashes as Wednesday doesn’t wear eye makeup. 

-Benefit roller lash

  • This last step is optional but I dabbed a grey lipstick to my lips to add to the dead look. Wednesday doesn’t wear anything on her lips though but it adds a cool touch.

-Mac Halsey


Thank you for reading, be sure to head back tomorrow at 5pm for a new halloween tutorial. Sorry there wasn’t one yesterday as I was too busy. All the love, Rachael x

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