Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial – Halloween

Harley Quinn from suicide squad will probably be one of the most popular halloween costumes this year. If you are thinking of being her well you have come to the right place as I shall be showing you how to do her makeup

  • First off just do your base makeup as normal, foundation ect. And eyebrows too
  • Then on your right eye cover your lid with bright blue eyeshadow and slap some on underneath. On the opposite eye do the same but with a pink. Then apply mascara.
  • Next do a couple bruises over your face. In the film Margo Robbie (Harley Quinn) has quite a few but I did one on my forehead & gave myself a slight black eye on the side of my left eye. She also has a cut on the left side of her forehead too in which you can add blood to. To create the bruise I just swirled dark purple, blue and a little yellow eyeshadows till it looked good
    • I then wrote ‘rotten’ along the right side of my face and then drew a love heart on my left cheek.
    • Then I lastly applied red lipstick & added blood dripping down my bottom lip


    Thank you for reading! Be sure to head back here tomorrow for the last halloween tutorial at 5pm. All the love, Rachael x

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