Sandy from Grease tutorial – Halloween

Grease is one of my all time favourite films so why not dress up as one of the charecters for halloween? I decided to go as ‘bad’ Sandy to a halloween party as I really love the look Sandy had during the last scene. 

I will be showing you hair & outfit today alongside makeup so enjoy!


  • First off I did my eyeshadow to prevent my foundation getting messed up due to fallout. All over my lid I just applied a pink nude then blended a black into the crease and then muted it down with a grey, it’s that simple. I then just applied black liner and mascara just to pull the look together. 

-Urban Decay naked 3, limit & darkside

-Morphe 35p, black

-Collection felt tip liner

-Benefit roller lash

  • I then just done my whole face routine. I primed, added foundation, concelar, contour, highlighter, the whole lot! Make sure you do bronze/contour your cheeks & forehead though because Sandy really has a bronzed face.

-Nivea men post shave balm

-Bourjous healthy mix foundation

-Collection lasting perfection concelear

-L’oreal infallible sculpt contour

-Nxy blush taupe (contour) 

-Sleek solstice highlighter 

  • Next I just done my eyebrows as normal.

-Freedom brow pommade, soft brown

  • Lastly I applied a bright red lipstick & then set my face with a setting spray.

-Ted Baker (not sure of the name)

-Nyx matte setting spray

Makeup complete. 


  • I just split my hair into sections and curled all my hair with a curling wand & then pinned a few bits at the front back.
  • Though Sandy had perm style hair you could pin up some curls to add that effect.
  • But remember to spray your hair with hairspray so it lasts.

Hair complete.


My outfit I had was nothing like Sandys to be honest but it still gave off that bad ass impression Sandy had. Though if you want to look like her just get yourself a black off the shoulder top, disco pants, red heels and a leather jacket. Though the only thing I had from that list was red heels. 

  • I wore a plain black dress from h&m with fish net tights and small red heels from new look. I also wore a pink bomber jacket like one the pink ladies have which I got from new look. And I also just threw in black sunglasses to add some edgyness.

Outfit complete. 

Whole outfit, complete.

Thank you for reading! This was the last of the Halloween series, I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I did writing them. Be sure to check back soon for a new blog post! All the love, Rachael x 

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