The Greatest Album Covers..Of All Time – The Beatles part 1

Music plays a part in everyone’s lives, I mean we all listen to it… well the vast majority do anyways. Weather it be classical, rock, pop, there is something for just about everyone.

Though the main focus on an artist releasing a record is for people to hear the music, not to look at the album art. But when you are looking for new music, you won’t tend to be drawn to something with terrible art work, it’s like the saying, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ but obviously it’s something a lot of us do.

So album art is a very important thing for artists as it draws buyers into buying/downloading the record. And it also takes a lot of time for artists to come up with the art work and to get it perfect so personally I feel like it should deserve more appreciation.

I came up with the idea to write this as my uncle passed down a book to be titled ‘The Greatest Album Covers of All Time’. So I decided to basically do the same but write about my music interests that may not even be included in the book.

The Beatles Greatest Album Covers Of All Time.

Everyone knows who The Beatles are. Without a doubt. They probably are one of the greatest artists… ever. Forming in the 1960’s they have been named one of the most influential and best acts to this day. With 2,303,500,000 records sold world-wide, saying they are one of the greatest artists is no word of a lie.

  • Abbey Road

Abbey Road is probably the most iconic album covers ever. Abbey Road crossing is probably the most iconic zebra crossing ever… with plenty of tourists going there every day that is no word of a lie.

The album cover was designed by the Apple Records creative director Kosh. It is actually the only UK Beatles album sleeve to show either the artist’s name or the album title, which was the designers idea. Though EMI were claiming records wouldn’t sell without this information, Kosh then explained “We didn’t need to write the band’s name on the cover… They were the most famous band in the world” Which was correct as Abbey Road turned out to be The Beatles fourth best-selling album in the entire 60’s, eighth best selling in the entire 70’s and in the 80’s it was the first Beatles record to sell more than 10 million copies world-wide!… I guess not putting the band’s name on really did pay off as they really are the most famous band in the world.

  • Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

This is my favourite Beatles album art due to it being to quite different to the other covers. It is very bright & eye-catching.

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club album cover was designed by Peter Blake &  Jann Haworth from an ink drawing done by McCartney. It was then later photographed by Michael Cooper. The cover had each of The Beatles dressed up in very bright & colourful costumes and also each of them sporting a rather dashing moustache. The moustache’ reflected on the hippie style tends that begun in the late 60’s. On the back of the album all the lyrics printed full on the back cover, this was the first time this had ever been done on a rock album. Released on the  1st of June 1967, the album spent 27 weeks at the top of the album charts… could this be partly due to the art work being so beautiful?

  • A Hard Day’s Night

This is one of the coolest Beatles album covers as it has Lennon, Harrison, McCartney & Starr all making funny faces into the camera in attempt to mimic the motion of a movie camera. The art work is like a film strip as a reference to the movie, A Hard Day’s Night also it’s arguably linked to the groups increasingly cinematic sound. Due to the colours on the album being red, white & blue it deemed to be ‘too British’ so when it was released in Brazil and the USA the blue frame was changed to red.

  • Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine is the tenth studio album by The Beatles, released on January 17th 1969. It was used as the soundtrack for the film with the same name. It placed number three on the UK album chart.

The album art is quite nostalgic due to the psychedelic 60’s feels with all the bright colours and weird print all over it. The art work is almost the same as the yellow submarine trailer posters created by Heinz Edelman. The same work was used for the UK and US covers though the UK version contains the words ‘nothing is real’ just below the album title.

  • Let It Be

Let It Be is the final Beatles studio album released on the 8th of May, almost a month after the band broke up, released in tandem with the Beatles movie of the same name (which hasn’t been officially available since the 80’s)

The album cover is very minimalistic compared to the others as it just contains four separate photos of the band singing, it is basically almost the opposite to the bright majority of the other album covers by the band. The photos were taken by the American photographer, Ethan Russell.

These are my favourite The Beatles album covers, what are yours?



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