The 1975 Concert Experience

Whilst I am writing this it was been a day since I seen The 1975 for the first time, it has been a long awaited 3/4 years I have wanted to see them for but on the 19th of December 2016 it finally happened… and it was amazing.

I got standing tickets for the show & as you may or may not know standing is a win/loose situation, the win being you are closer to the stage and can see the artist more clearly (if you are in a good spot), the loose being you are getting pushed & sometimes land yourself behind someone who is really tall. Though I was lucky for this show, I could see most of the show perfectly fine & there wasn’t much shoving. There were lots of people passing out though and that was kind of scary.

The show started at eight o’clock with The Japanese House opening, they were fantastic. I had previously known them beforehand so I knew a few of their songs. They were really cool and has cool lights too, I’d go see them again.

Then at nine, The 1975 came on and it was honestly the best moment of my life. They opened with melody of ‘The 1975’ then as they pranced onto the stage the opening line of the 80’s inspired pop song ‘Love Me’ started to play and the crowd went wild. Then it faded out into ‘UGH!’ which again was just insane. Then came on an old classic, ‘Heart Out’ then ‘A Change of Heart’, ‘An Encounter’ then ‘Robbers’ which I was really happy about as I didn’t realize that they put it back onto the setlist because they didn’t sing it at the majority of the American tour and it is just ‘everyone’s’ favourite song. They then went on to play the melody of ‘I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It’. Afterwards they sung some of my favourite songs, ‘M.O.N.E.Y.’, ‘Undo’ ‘Milk’ which I was super happy about, it was amazing to finally hear them live. Afterwards they sung ‘Loving Someone’  after Matty gave an empowering speech about the importance of love in this cruel world. It then went onto ‘She’s American’, ‘Please Be Naked’, ‘Lost My Head’ & ‘Somebody Else’. Then Matty gave another talk saying whenever we see something we like nowadays out first instinct is to take a photo of it rather than just taking it in but for one song he asked we all just turn our phones off & that song was ‘fallingforyou’ which is very sentimental & I cried so much which was quite embarrassing cause everyone kept asking if i was okay but it really was an incredible moment for the fans to connect with the band. They then went onto sing two of their well known songs, ‘Girls’ ‘Sex’. Then at the encore they sang ‘Medicine’ and it made me so happy as the whole hydro was lit up with their torches which was really incredible. Afterwards they sang another one of my favourite songs ‘If I Believe You’ and then another two of their biggest hits, ‘Chocolate’ ‘The Sound’ where everyone just went crazy, especially during ‘The Sound’ where Matty told everyone to just go ‘fucking crazy’.

The stage lights were really cool. They had their generic rectangles hanging from the roof and the cuboid shapes in the background. For each song the lights were different colours/backgrounds.

‘The 1975’ – Flashing pink lights

‘Love Me’ –  Bright pink lights

‘UGH!’ –  City Background

‘Heart Out’ – Blue Lights

‘A Change of Heart’ – Pink & blue lights

‘An Encounter’ – Twirling Lights

‘M.O.N.E.Y.’ – Black & pink ‘Flights

‘Undo’ – Orange with lines

‘Robbers’ – Blue with rectangles

‘Milk’ – Black with some white lights

‘Loving Someone’ – Rainbow lights

‘She’s American’ – Pink Lights

‘Lostmyhead’ – Brown & black lights

‘Somebody Else’ – Blue & pink lights

‘Medicine’ – Orange city lights

Chocolate’ – Blue lights

‘The Sound’ – Black & pink moving lines

‘Fallingforyou’ – Blurry dots

Sex’ – White & Black Lights

Overall, this was the best gig I have ever been too due to the amazing performance brought by the band and the stage persona. If you like The 1975, even just a little bit I would advise you go see them.

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