The Best Singles of 2016

Arguably 2016 has been the year for music as many amazing artists have produced outstanding records from the best artists according to pop culture to the ‘smaller’ artists who are set out to be a name to remember for 2017.

The Hunna ‘Bonfire’  

Though The Hunna are not massively wide spread known they are worth taking note of as you will be hearing a lot more of them in 2017. Their debut album was produced earlier this year in August and previous singles released beforehand, one being ‘Bonfire’. The single perfectly has The Hunna’s signature rockish sound and upbeat lyrics, it is definitely a party good.

The 1975 ‘Somebody Else’

It is fair to say that 2016 has been the year for The 1975, with the outbreak of the album ‘I Like it When you Sleep for you are so Beautiful yet so unaware of it’. The slow upbringing of the beautiful atmospheric sounds about how he still grieves that his girl has left him and essentially found someone else gives us a lift when the catchy repetitive chorus drops.

Rat Boy ‘move’

‘Move’ was one of the bigger singles for Jordan & crew for 2016, though they are not awfully widespread known they are worth listening to & looking out for in 2017 as with the catchy punk, pop & unique sound of ‘move’ making it one of the best singles in my opinion of 2016, they are sure to drop even better anthems in 2017.

The 1975 ‘Loving Someone’

From the release of the album ‘I Like it When you Sleep…’ the track ‘Loving Someone’ was highlighted as one of the more important tracks, though the band have not yet realesed it as a single properly, it is definitely worth mentioning. It grasps on how important it is to be loving someone as young, clever, liberal people in this day & age no matter gender, education, ect as so many terrible things are happening wether it be polictics or whatever, we are all human & should love.

Drake ‘One Dance’

Yet again, the king of complaining has done the thing that he does best, he dropped another amazing party anthem this year. ‘One Dance’ being one of the biggest & catchiest songs this year, I’m sure everyone should have heard it by now. It sure is just fantastic.

That is just a few of my favourite songs of 2016, what were yours? 


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