Artists to Look out for in 2017

As 2017 has just arrived, new music shall soon be arriving also. From all different genres, I have put together a few ‘smaller’ musical artists that you should keep an eye out for throughout 2017.


I have mentioned Rat Boys music plenty of times before hand as in 2016 they had released a number of amazing singles & I am sure 2017 will be no different. The unique sound of hip hop & punk styles mixed into one seems slightly strange, but that is what it is, strange…yet wonderful & everso intriguing. 

The Hunna

Again, The Hunna are a band that I have previously spoke highly of before. In mid 2016, the band released their debut album & it truly was a success. The indie rock band are non stop working on new music and touring so no doubt we shall be hearing something fantastic from them soon. 

Wolf Alice

The alternative rock band, Wolf Alice have big things coming in 2017. Though they are not a new name, they released their first single back in 2013 and have done fantastic things since then such as been nominated for brits, grammys, NME awards and also their album placed at number 2 on the UK charts in 2016 but they aren’t really as appreciated as much now as they should be.

The Japanese House 

Recently I seen the Japanese House open for The 1975 and the performance was wonderful. I had of course previously listened to songs before hand and I instantly fell in love with the soft sounds of Amber Bain & crew. For the most part the indie music is chilled out and relaxing. I’m sure more fantastic things will be on the way later on in the year.

Troye Sivan

If you are a teenager of the Internet you must be living under a rock if you don’t know who Troye Sivan is though for the people who don’t I recommend you check him out. His album ‘Blue Neighbourhood’ is a decent example of juxtaposition as each song contrasts off one another as it goes from soft sounds to very very pop but in general his music is basically electropop. Though Troye is always working on new music I’m sure we will be hearing some great things in 2017.


Towards the end of 2016 Halsey was really getting big due to the feature on the well known and slightly over played song with The Chainsmokers, ‘Closer’. It is no doubt that is going to get even bigger in 2017 as she has recently been snapchatting new music so a possible new album could be on the way later this year hopefully. Again Halseys music is described as electropop.

The Academic 

Another indie rock band to look out for..not a surprise from me to be honest. The Academic are becoming more well known in the indie music scene as not too long ago Niall Horan from One Direction was tweeting about this band & because of this they have grown more of a following…so maybe big things to happen this year for their music??

Who do you think will make it big/bigger in 2017? 


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