Artists to Look out for in 2017, Part 2

I had previously written about a few artists that are worth keeping an eye on this year but I have now managed to add to this list and wanted to share with you a small amount more.


Blossoms debut album peaked at number one in the UK charts last year so they aren’t unknown. I had the pleasure of seeing them live not to long ago and the performance was fantastic. The indie pop band will be seen a lot more throughout 2017 for sure.

High Tyde

High Tyde have released numerous amounts of tracks that you should for sure check out as they are just fantastic. Another indie pop band to keep an eye out for as they have played a lot of major festivals and their name keeps popping up more and more.

Sundra Karma

The band are soon supporting Two Door Cinema Club on their upcoming UK tour after just releasing their fantastic debut album, which you for sure should check out. This band is not one to miss.

Sway + The Vanities (separate bands)

Both Sway and The Vanities are very small Scottish indie bands who if you are Scottish are worth looking out of as they do a lot of local gigs and have really amazing songs. But even if you aren’t local just check out their songs on SoundCloud & Spotify. 

Albums Coming Out This Year

A few amazing artists who I have not mentioned yet are releasing/hopefully releasing some new albums. So here is who you should look out for. (Some of these many be wrong, this is what came up when I researched)

Arctic Monkeys 

Ed Sheeran

The XX


The Killers

Troye Sivan

Harry Styles 

Niall Horan 

The Chainsmokers 


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