Gig Review: Modern Baseball

On Thursday I went to see Modern Baseball in SWG3 in Glasgow, which was a pretty unique experience that I’d like to share with everyone.

The venue only has a small capacity of 1000 and the gig wasn’t sold out either so there weren’t an awful lot of people and it only was just a warehouse type thing so it wasn’t well known and easy to get to. Space did get very very cramped after the support acts and it wasn’t very fun as I and my friends managed to get the second row so you could only imagine the pushing, there were mosh pits throughout the whole concert and people crowd surfing & had to get taken away by security, the whole lot. It got to the point where Jake from the band had to warn people to be careful a couple times in case any major accident happened.

Support acts Thin Lips, Pooches and The Superweaks were all pretty amazing. Though they did drag a while in my opinion as it took quite a while for MOBO to come on. The Pooches were added fairly last minute I believe and only performed at the Glasgow show, they are from the area though and friends with the band so that is maybe why. As Brendan didn’t make the tour due to mental illness, people from the support acts helped the band at the end of the show perform some of Brendan’s songs.

The atmosphere was amazing, I don’t think I have ever been to a more lively gig. Everyone was so upbeat and had no cares in the world, it was just a good time for everyone (apart from when I was getting pushed) It was also really intimate during a few of Jakes acoustic solos.

The stage presence was basic but to be fair it is a very small venue with a small stage so it was great for what they had. The tour merch was also really cool, I regret not buying anything now which sucks.

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See you soon, Rachael 🙂


Modern Baseball








The Pooches
The Superweaks

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