What it is Like to be too Young to Vote in the General Election

Being under eighteen whilst a general election occurs sucks, for plenty of reasons; the obvious being unable to vote, although there are many other factors that are unfair and outright annoying whilst being ‘too young for politics’.

I’m only 14, what do I know about politics? Am I right? No.

Being as young as 14 and having an interest in politics isn’t unusual. And just because I am 14 doesn’t mean that I know nothing about politics either. A usual response I get when I am contributing to a political debate with anyone is ‘You are too young to vote anyway so it doesn’t matter’. So just because I am under 18 I am not allowed to express my opinions about politics? I don’t think so. If I disagree with the Tories, I have the right to tell you that.

Why should older generations make a decision for my future?

Another thing is that I am relying upon people older than me to make decisions for my future. Most over 65’s tend to vote Conservative, which a lot of young people do not agree with as demographics show most 18-24-year-olds vote Labour. In fact, for every 10 years, older a voter is, the chances of them voting Conservative increases by around 8% and the chance of them voting Labour decreases by 6%.

Why should the voting age be decreased to 16?

Reducing the voting age gives a lot more young people a say in their future. Tories don’t like this as it is more likely Labour will receive more votes as Conservative don’t really care about the lives of youths. Of course, this is bad for Tories so they’ll argue that the voting age should remain the same. But should it? No. Adolescents should be encouraged to use their voices to speak up for what they believe in, they are restricted from doing this through being unable to voice their political opinions and have a say in what go’s in their own country because their beliefs are deemed as unknowledgeable or reckless, yet people in other age groups don’t abide by the same prejudice thoughts.

As a young person in 2017, it is much easier for me to voice my opinion about politics across social media, although my views may seem ‘uneducated’ or ‘irresponsible’ to older voters that should not be the case. We are the generation that can make an impact for ourselves due to the uprise of social media. I’d advise if you are ages 13-17 and have a social media account no matter how big or small your platform is, express your political views and prove that we can make a difference as well and we are not uneducated and we are not scared to speak up for what we believe in. With two more days until the general election spread as much as your political views across social media as you can.

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See you soon, Rachael:)


2 thoughts on “What it is Like to be too Young to Vote in the General Election

  1. I agreed with this so much, thank you! I’m 15 and its partly because my parents are quite involved in politics but I really am interested in it and you’re so right about the Tories not wanting to change the voting age. Xx

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