Drive Like I Do, The 1975’s New Era

Front man of The 1975, Matty Healy yesterday tweeted about the new era, after ‘Music For Cars’ is released as their final instalment to their trilogy of albums; a new band, ‘Drive Like I Do’ will release their debut album one Spring in the upcoming few years. 

But what does this mean? Well basically The 1975 are releasing their third album soon, titled ‘Music For Cars’ to complete the trilogy alongside ‘The 1975’ and ‘I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It’. Then afterwards all we know Drive Like I Do will form and create an album. 

What even is Drive Like I Do? Well The 1975 wasn’t The 1975’s first name choice, they previously went by the name Drive Like I Do for some time before changing it. But why go back to Drive Like I Do? The 1975 also went by the names, Bigsleep, Talkhouse and The Slowdown. I guess Drive Like I Do was their favourite name.

Is this the split of The 1975? Matty confirms in recent tweets that “The 1975 and Drive Like I Do are separate entities”. When explaining the whole situation Healy explains how it’s the end of an era but it is not the end of The 1975. 

Will the other members of The 1975 be joining Healy on the Drive Like I Do venture? As far as I know… I don’t. It has not been confirmed that Adam Hann, Ross Macdonald and George Daniel will be joining Matty on the project though it is highly likely they will do. 

What can be expected from this new project? Well The 1975 and their manager, Jamie Oborne are very snidey when it comes to releasing information so I have no idea what is set to come. They will occasionally keep fans up-to-date with sneaky information and clues which people tend to try piece together to work out what the final outcome may be but it’s always very difficult with this band as they are so secretive and manipulative it’s uncanny. So as for the future of Drive Like I Do, we’ll have to wait and see.

What do you think will come from Drive Like I Do?


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