The 1975 ILIWYS era // Music For Cars

If you aren’t a fan of The 1975 you’re probably confused about the whole ‘end of era’ talk currently surrounding them. Well to explain it short and sweet, the band have had two eras, self-titled and iliwys (I like it when you sleep…), both named after their albums or otherwise known as the black & white and pink eras, referring to the album colours. The pink era has just come to an end as the band played their last show until October 2018, headlining the Latitude Festival on Friday the 14th July. Though, this is all part of their album trilogy, as far as we know their is one more era, entitled music for cars, after their upcoming album which is said to come out sometime next year. 

The iliwys era was all 80’s bubblegum pop inspired, with the pink persona and the album being a pop rock record. The album ‘iliwys…’ in its own way was a bizarre album, it deals with the truth, of loss, drug use and being a pop star. Although the album is generally described as a pop album, there are elements of rock, soul and all sorts thrown in to the mixture, it truly is extraordinary. 

We are yet to find out the whole persona of the music for cars era, although their has been a few hints and rumours. One rumour being it is renaissance inspired, this is due to portraits the band has posted on their social media’s that look like renaissance paintings and the band manager, Jamie Oborne followed an account on instagram with the username britishrenaissance but he later confirmed it was nothing to with the band stating 

“Nothing to do with us. We have much better than that planned”

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