The Seamonsters ‘Wonderland’ – single review 

If you are unfamiliar with The Seamonsters, they are a 6 piece girl band from Sheffield with a growing following of 7,000 on Instagram and 2,000 monthly spotify listeners.
The upcoming female indie band, just released their second single ‘wonderland’ following their debut single ‘Lost (And Found)’ this Friday (21st July). 
The single shows strong vibes of cinematic guitar riffs and a funky drum beat later added to the mix which proves the girls are not afraid of noise. The strong instrumental of rockish drum and guitar is mixed with the soft sound of lead singer, Naomi Manns voice, which is truly beautiful and adds a really cool vibe to the record. 

Overall The Seamonsters are only getting better and better and great things are sure to come their way, be sure to check them out via Instagram @The_Seamonsters or follow their Spotify ‘The Seamonsters’

Click here to listen to ‘Wonderland’ 

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See you soon, Rachael 🙂


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