Artists I Dislike

I hate to say the word hate, I suppose it is quite a strong and vulgar word. I believe positivity is a wonderful thing and we should speak about the things we like, although we do need to have a little moan from time to time about things we are not particularly keen on. Which is why today I have chosen to speak about artists whos music I don’t explicitly like.

Disclaimer: I don’t mean to offend fans of these artists or the artists themselves. I am not commenting on any actual person, just their music. I also understand this is peoples art and I can appreciate it and no one is forcing me to listen to it. This is all just my own personal opinion; although if you dissagree, or agree with my thoughts feel free to leave your opinion in the comments. 

Oh Wonder

I have never really shown much enthusiasm towards Oh Wonders music. After first hearing their debut self titled album I found them very monotonous. I tried to listen to them but I couldn’t get into their music, it didn’t bring much excitement, it was all very boring. They have a very chilled vibe which I don’t really like. Despite this I do fairly enjoy their recent album ‘Ultralife’, it has a bit more life to it. 

The Chainsmokers

I liked ‘Closer’, although they ripped it when they tried to recreate the big hit in all their other songs, it all really is talentless. Their music consists of three notes and nonscence, it truely is just garbage. 


I really like their self titled and the ‘Demon Days’ album too but besides that I cannot listen to their music. I am not really a big fan of electronic rock but I find the Gorillaz other albums really hellish to listen to. 

Melanie Martinez 

I can appreciate the whole exploration of persona Melanie has created with her perplexed charecter through her choice of clothing, ect which makes her really unique although it can be percieved as quite ostentatious. Although when it comes to her music, the whole sound isn’t really to my taste. I abominate her songs, in particular ‘Tag You’re It’ and ‘Mad Hatter’. ‘Tag You’re It’ has been known to be about pedophilia and sexual assault, although Melanie sings about it in such a frivolous manner, trying to make it part of her whole aesthetic. The song ‘Mad Hatter’ glorifys psychotic mental illnesses to match some sort of ‘cool’ aesthetic, which infact is not cool at all. The song stereotypes mentally ill people to be this whole ‘crazy people are cool and edgy’ type of person which is not the case, psychosis is a very serious illness which should not be adored to seem trendy.

Little Mix 

I don’t really like the whole femimism thing in every Little Mix song. Although they are a pop band generally marketed to young girls and it is nice to give them some females to look up to that preach about how they should feel great about being themselves. In my opinion I feel their lyrics really contradict what femimism really stands up for, the fight for equal rights between genders but I feel Little Mix have the whole ‘don’t need no man’ attitude, which belittles the male gender, they perceive men to be not worth any time and categorise them to be ‘fuck boys’. When the real message they should put across is ‘males are just as great as females but you don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy’. 

I know it seems I am saying Little Mix are a ‘girls only’ band, anyone, any age, gender, whatever can listen to them but I am saying their whole marketing scheme is targeted at young girls.

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See you soon, Rachael 🙂


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