‘Glasgow’ Eyes to the Skies – Single Review

New to the indie music scene, Eyes to the Skies have recently released their latest single ‘Glasgow’. I was pleasantly surprised by this release as the band have only been playing for six months now so I didn’t expect something as extraordinary from them as I did.

However if you are unaware of who Eyes to the Skies are, they are a four piece indie rock band from Portsmouth consisting of Alex the front-man, George playing lead guitar, John on the bass and Mike on drums. They have already made their mark on the music scene despite being around for such little time as they’ve gathered a following of fans from all over the country and supported fellow indie rock band, The Sherlocks at their Southampton gig; they’re soon to play Sheffield O2 Academy on November 18th.

The lyrics portray a love for Glasgow and a love interest within the city. The description of this found love interest is poetic as the lyrics show that the intention of the male is to be with her forever and to share romantic experiences together, travelling the world together, starting in Glasgow. These experiences wouldn’t mean as much if they were to happen with anyone else.

The lyrical talent is not over shadowed by the instrumental of the song as the brilliance of the gifted drum, bass and guitar players get their shining moments during the opening riffs for the song and the insane instrumental at the end, which makes the band appear even more revolutionary to the music scene as it is talent that would be expected of the bigger indie bands, this shows what they are really capable of and sets the bar high for them.

To anyone who is into bands such as The Wombats, Catfish and the Bottlemen, ect I really would recommend Eyes to the Skies. Even if you don’t like they bands, check them out anyways! 

Check out ‘Glasgow’ here

Check out ‘Glasgow’ music video here 

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