Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial – Halloween

Harley Quinn from suicide squad will probably be one of the most popular halloween costumes this year. If you are thinking of being her well you have come to the right place as I shall be showing you how to do her makeup First off just do your base makeup as normal, foundation ect. And eyebrows too Then on your right eye cover your lid … Continue reading Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial – Halloween

Mermaid Tutorial – Halloween

The mermaid tutorial using fishnet tights has been all over pinterest this October time & for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, I shall be showing you today.  First off I did my foundation & eye brow routine just as normal, though if you like you could fill your eyebrows im with colour. – L’oreal true match foundation -Freedom brow pommade  Next I … Continue reading Mermaid Tutorial – Halloween

Wednesday Addams tutorial – Halloween

This has got to be the easiest of the tutorials I am going to be doing for my halloween ‘series’ and that is Wednesday Addams. Wednesday is known for her pale, gothic attire so I thought I’d recreate that look today.  Bear in mind you can compliment this look with two low plaits and a black outfit with a collar on as that is the … Continue reading Wednesday Addams tutorial – Halloween

David Bowie Makeup Tutorial – Halloween

David Bowie is one of my all time favourite musical artists as he is very inspiring, amazingly talented and just all round super cool. For those reasons I have decided to base my first Halloween tutorial around his Aladdin Sane album art work. Quick disclaimer to say I am not super talented in the art of makeup and this is all just a bit of … Continue reading David Bowie Makeup Tutorial – Halloween