RATBOY ‘SCUM’ review 

The long awaited debut album from Jordan Cardy, Liam Haygarth, Harry Todd and Noah Booth, also known as RatBoy is finally here. ‘Scum’ was released midnight, 11th August following the hype of many prereleased singles such as old favourites like ‘Move’ and ‘Fake ID’ and the latest released ‘Laidback’ and ‘Revolution’.  On the deluxe version of the album it inclues interludes which makes the listening … Continue reading RATBOY ‘SCUM’ review 

The Seamonsters ‘Wonderland’ – single review 

If you are unfamiliar with The Seamonsters, they are a 6 piece girl band from Sheffield with a growing following of 7,000 on Instagram and 2,000 monthly spotify listeners. The upcoming female indie band, just released their second single ‘wonderland’ following their debut single ‘Lost (And Found)’ this Friday (21st July).  The single shows strong vibes of cinematic guitar riffs and a funky drum beat … Continue reading The Seamonsters ‘Wonderland’ – single review 

The 1975 ILIWYS era // Music For Cars

If you aren’t a fan of The 1975 you’re probably confused about the whole ‘end of era’ talk currently surrounding them. Well to explain it short and sweet, the band have had two eras, self-titled and iliwys (I like it when you sleep…), both named after their albums or otherwise known as the black & white and pink eras, referring to the album colours. The pink … Continue reading The 1975 ILIWYS era // Music For Cars

Drive Like I Do, The 1975’s New Era

Front man of The 1975, Matty Healy yesterday tweeted about the new era, after ‘Music For Cars’ is released as their final instalment to their trilogy of albums; a new band, ‘Drive Like I Do’ will release their debut album one Spring in the upcoming few years.  But what does this mean? Well basically The 1975 are releasing their third album soon, titled ‘Music For … Continue reading Drive Like I Do, The 1975’s New Era

New Music March + April 2017

There has been a lot of amazing music releases over the past two months and I’m here to share them with you. New Music – March Ed Sheeran ‘Divide’ As you probably heard, Ed Sheeran released his third long awaited album, ‘Divide’. After a year-long social media hiatus, Ed released his 16 track album. Which every song peaked in the top 20 which just shows how … Continue reading New Music March + April 2017

Artists That Should Be Popular.

There are many growing bands and singers nowadays that should be just as popular as the current pop artists. Now don’t get me wrong, many of these artists may be widely known to music lovers due to their popularity on sites like Instagram and Youtube but they deserve a lot more recognition for their fantastic work. The Seamonsters The all-girl band from Sheffield formed in … Continue reading Artists That Should Be Popular.