Artists That Should Be Popular.

There are many growing bands and singers nowadays that should be just as popular as the current pop artists. Now don’t get me wrong, many of these artists may be widely known to music lovers due to their popularity on sites like Instagram and Youtube but they deserve a lot more recognition for their fantastic work.

The Seamonsters

The all-girl band from Sheffield formed in 2013, The Seamonsters are fairly popular on Instagram with a following of almost 10k. They have posted few covers on their Youtube channel, titled The Seamonsters and a couple of demos on their soundcloud, also titled The Seamonsters. Their debut single, ‘Lost (And Found)’ is set to be released this April so definitely keep an eye out for them.

The Vanities

I had mentioned The Vanities who are an indie/rock band from Glasgow in some previous blog posts as I really enjoy their music and I’d love to spread awareness for modern indie rock bands like them across to other music lovers as I think it’s important to support small bands and help promote their music as much as possible.

The Vanities have a moderately small following on social media though that does not make them any less great as songs like ‘Johnny’s A Reject’ is one of the best indie style songs I have ever heard as it shows influences of amazing indie artists like Oasis and The Libertines.

Check out The Vanities Soundcloud here.


VANT just released their debut album not too long ago which conveyed absolutely everything wrong with the world in a non-derogatory fashion. More people really need to listen to artists who have a meaningful message throughout their music oppose to the modern day chart which is mostly associated with songs with have the theme of sex and drugs.

Check out their Spotify here.


I have recently just been properly introduced to this amazing band so I am not too sure how big they are in the grand scheme of things, though if you are into indie pop music I suggest you check out COIN. They have just announced their first headlining USA tour so if you are from the US and are interested in seeing them, then click here to check out the tickets.

Check out their Spotify here.

 Hippo Campus

Again, an indie pop rock band I have just recently go into. Their debut album, ‘Landmark’ was released later last month; it is a perfectly put together indie masterpiece.

Check out their Spotify here.

Honourable Mentions

  • Wolf Alice
  • The Japanese House
  • QYT
  • King Nun
  • The Hunna
  • The Academic

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See you soon, Rachael 🙂


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